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July 14, 2008

I’m literally having a case of the nervous butterflies in my stomach as I write this, knowing that I”m getting ready to push the post button when I’m finished. You wouldn’t think just doing a blog post would make a person nervous but it does, when the person is me.

I get nervous about odd things, oh well!

I had this post in my mind for something close to two weeks now and then RL decided to play some nasty tricks on me and I didn’t get any further than taking the pics and clipping/cropping them from the studio background in preparation for posting. I almost scrapped this post in order to do something that might seem more “au currant” but then I thought, I liked this outfit and I liked these photos. It seemed a shame to waste the time and effort involved. I’m hoping that any of you who read this will still enjoy the post.

Before I go further just a word, for the curious, about my in world settings and how I intend to proceed in terms of taking my pictures.

I generally turn atmospheric shaders off. I don’t like them, and my poor laptop doesn’t like them either. I use the CG face light which is full perms and I also use some variation on the theme of Caliah Lyon’s windlight settings. Even with just basic shaders on, these settings do make a difference in my opinion and I usually keep the facelight on dim or at the brightest normal. (It comes with a hud so you can control things like brightness, size, and color of your facelights)

I am also deliberately *not* ‘shopping these pics at all in terms of filters, layers and/or other corrections so that readers will see what I’m wearing as they might see it in world. As I said above I’m using a studio and clipping these out of the studio background and cropping them from the very very large size I use for snapshots down to something that will fit on this composite and on this blog. That is the sum total of my “editing” my shots for the blog.

I considered also just doing a skin review for this first post and then flailed around a lot at the thought of standing around semi naked on the blog for the first post. I know I’m a hoochie mama – lol – but that doesn’t mean I wanna be naked the first time out! Sooooo…. I put this together instead.

I had the singular honor and privilege of being asked for my feedback and the borrowage of my shape by Sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve while she was creating the skin I’m wearing in this post. It is, in my opinion, one of the nicest skins Sachi has created out of a distinctive and superlative array. This is the Jodie skin in Hot Pink in t3. The things I particularly love about this skin are the lovely eyeliner and shadow and the glossy glossy lips. Jodie also boasts a bit more in the cleavage shadowing, and the otherwise stunning body that I have come to expect from Sachi’s skins. The collarbones and shoulder blades are delectable, for example. The skintone is simply luscious and if you take a peek at the nipples and girl bits you will find they are nahm nahm nahm too! As is the usual practice with Adam n Eve female skins, Jodie arrived with facelights, lashes and matching toe and fingernail polish. I’m wearing the polish in this post. Sachi entirely makes it easy for a girl to look her best!

At about the same time that Sachi was putting the finishing touches on Jodie, Digit Darkes released these sexy sexy mini dresses, the French Affair dress. I am a big big fan of roses and rose prints on a dress tend to suck me into spending my lindens quicker than you can say ka-ching! On a lace trimmed, body hugging, ever so luscious mini dress, I have no will-power whatsoever and it was all I could do not to buy the fatpack all in one go! I picked this gray, black and hot pink version called Amiens with Jodie’s hot pink lipstick in mind and was thrilled to take note of the perfect match. The cut of the bodice shows off the above-mentioned cleavage to the nth degree and then leaves lots of room to show off the lovely legs Jodie boasts as well!

I am, as everyone who is acquainted with me will attest, a shoe lover. IRL I am limited in the shoes I can wear so I delight in high heels of all descriptions in SL. I have been known to pester my favorite shoe makers, hanging out for my next lovely fix! These City Sandals in black from Damen Gorilla of Adam n Eve did not disappoint at all! They are strappy, chic looking and yet somehow convey a sense of comfort. Plus they let me show off some of the best toes in SL. If you have lamented before of ugly feet and toes in sl and resorted to prim toes, please take a peek at Sachi’s skins. Every single one of them have pretty feet, I swear!

My hair is from Aleri Darkes of Diversity Hair. I love when coincidences happen and in this case, Aleri came out with new hair textures on both old and new hair designs in the recent past then decided to have a hair sale on all hairs with the new textures. Though I am predominantly a brunette of the chocolate brown variety, I have been trying out some lighter shades, I think because in summer I think of sun lightened locks. This is Dare, and I fell in love with the high top and pulled back sides on this ‘do with the soft curls down the back. It’s edgy and kind of cool and yet somehow still classic in my mind. The shade is Caramel Brown and I just love the not quite brown, not quite blond look of it, especially when it seems to glow with health and vitality as it does with these textures. 🙂

I am a huge, gigantic fan of accessories. I think that bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, belts and so on can make such an impact on an outfit so I tend to collect a variety of things. It’s always a treat then to delve into my bag of tricks, so to speak and pull out some goodies to wear. In this case, I started with the +plus necklace. This necklaces comes in several color choices and lends itself to so many different looks. Since the roses on the dress made me think of something a little bit old fashioned, I felt the pearls carried over this impression but didn’t weigh it down the way a more classic white or pink pearl might have done. They are even called the Vintage Black Pearl Necklace. I added the black plastic earrings also from +plus to keep the color uniform. Next I pulled out a black marble single wrap bracelet from Bonita’s Jewelry and then threw in a bit of a curve ball by putting pink pearls on the other wrist.

You can click through to larger versions of the pics to see greater detail and I’ve put the slurls below for easy reference.

Yay, I wrote my first post!

Get the Look!
Shape – created by me, from scratch 😀
Skin – Jodie in t3 Hot Pink, Adam n Eve
Nails – Matching Toe and Finger Nail included with skin 😉
Lashes – Wild lashes Adam n Eve
Eyes – Garden Eyes Adam n Eve
Hair – Dare Caramel Brown – Diversity Hair
Dress – French Affair in Amiens – Digit Darkes
Shoes – City Sandals in Black – Adam n Eve
Necklace and Earrings, The Vintage Black Pearl Necklace and Black Plastic Earrings – +plus
Bracelets – Black Marble Single Wrap Bracelet – Bonita’s Jewelry and Triple Pearl Bracelet in Dainty – Armidi

Editing to Add: Poses here are by Grapevine and Animah (now Persona and Annah Couture separately). Watermarking inspired by Efemera Bisiani of Efemeral Style

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  1. July 15, 2008 9:39 am

    That was a wonderful first post Sugarr and I swear no bias because I’m in it! You grace the skin with your beauty!

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your intellegently written and thoughtful posts. I particularly liked the information about your lighting.

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