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Crys Skins from PXL {REVIEW}

August 7, 2008

I had the opportunity to review these lovely skins and I snapped at it. I’m thrilled to get a chance to slip these babies on and share my thoughts.

1024×683 2048×1365

As it happens, my very first skin was from PXL. I wore Linda for about three months before branching out into adding other skins to my virtual closet. So, I knew from the beginning that Hart Larsson’s creations were great and that they could only get better.

To begin with, I like the face on Crys a little better than on Linda. It’s a bit more open, a bit more sweet in my opinion and the only reason I hadn’t bought Crys before was because of the skintone. As you can see on the face picture below, there are two tones. Originally there was only one and the original tone was just too light for me. Sunkissed as a skintone makes me very happy 🙂

I especially like the lips and the variety of the lipsticks Crys has available. You can see on the far lift the natural lip and then proceeding through just some of the eye/lip variations available. The original skintone is on the left also, with the new sunkissed tone on the right in the last two makeups. But even in the sort of natural, almost nude kind of look, I think this skin looks beautiful. Some skins do not look right in the nude, so to speak, but that is not the case here.

1024×1024 2048×2048

I am one of those picky people who look at the whole body on the skin. I don’t just look at the face and the cleavage and call it done. I usually take my demos home, strip down and remove my hair and carefully look at myself from every angle. I’m wearing a lovely lingerie set from the Malice line at Beauty Avatar here but you can trust me that this skin is imho, an excellent example of the skin maker’s art. But don’t just take my word for it, go pick up a set of demos at PXL.

Things that i look for include but are not limited to, no visible seams where the scalp joins itself, especially at the back of the head. Likewise no visible seams where the upper torso joins the lower torso. In fact, I prefer no visible seams anywhere. Attention to details like ears, collar bones, hands, feet and fingernails and toenails are a definite plus. I think how much body shading in terms of “muscle” a person prefers is very subjective but I like to look fit, though not like I spent eleventyone!!!! hours at Gold’s gym either.

I can happily report to you that if I had a little clipboard with a bunch of things to check off, I would have a nice big row of checks because this skin is really done with great care and attention. For example, many people talk about our flipper feet here in sl and it’s true that feet generally tend to be a bit flat footed at best. However, I have seen some truly horrible sl feet that are at best rudiments with bare suggestions of toes or huge matte white toenails. These, on the other hand,are elegant examples of what can be done even on the imperfect system mesh. Veining on the feet, pretty toes, pretty nails on toes, no weird crimping or twisting. You can run around in sandals and not feel like you want to hide your toes in the sand, this is a definite yay!

The same care and attention was given to the girl bits. I know, some of you never get naked and that’s very cool. To each their own. However, I tend to identify with my avatar a good deal and it would bother me to have ugly girl parts, even if I had no one I intended to show them to! Therefore I always take a peek to see what’s “down there”. These are pretty as these body parts go and there’s a nicely shaved little poof of hair above it. 🙂

For those of you who need to see, here’s a pic of the lower torso (not all up in my crotch though ya’ll!) and you can also see the cute belly button again. This is one of the nicest navels I’ve seen as well.

Other things I look at include the collarbones, the waist and hip shading (yes, people really do have a play of light and shadow in these areas leading down to where the torso meets the hips. I also check out the shoulders, the back shading and of course the behind. I think all of these look sexy and lovely and you can see for yourself in the pics above. I do recommend clicking on the largest size if you can just to get the best possible view.

Not least by any means, I also look at how the areola and nipples look. I have rather largish breasts so that tends to stretch the shading on the skin and sometimes I end up with sort of fuzzy looking nipples! (Eep!) These look very nice, with realistic pink/brown colored nipples neither too red (ow) or too brown but just right. The nipples even look a little bit perky. Here’s a pic of the upper torso for you to check out.

Overall, I think this is one of the most beautiful skins on the market. However, please keep in mind that shape does define skin and vice versa so they need to work harmoniously together. I always suggest trying out a skin demo before buying! Frequently I tweak my shape or my eyebrows or both to work with a particular skin, but in this case I didn’t have to do that, lucky me 🙂

Wearing this skin makes me feel a bit like Sophia Loren, gorgeous down to my toes. :)If I had a few special requests about this skin, they would include, a tan skintone, eyeshadows in colors like charcoal, or warm brown or deep purple, and manicure/pedicure sets. *looks hopeful*

Get the Look:

Shape – by Sugarrlicious Shapes (opening soon)
Nails – Rogue by Adam n Eve (This shade may not be available, was a gift during Skin Fair)
Skin – Crys by PXL
Hair – Pysa by Here Comes Trouble (HCT)
Lashes – Wild Brush by Aphrodite’s Creations
Lingerie – Malice Line – Avalon by Beauty Avatar
Earrings – Countess Earrings by Miriel (part of the Golden Cage Hunt)
Shoes – Elegant Slingback – Black Twinkle – by Stiletto Moody

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