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Lavender Lace (and a few notices)

August 16, 2008

Style Starts Here recently ran a 12 hour Everything is 50L sale. The place was packed! I picked up a few adorable items including this cute lavender dress. It’s my habit to try to wear at least something from every shopping excursion as soon as I get it and this filled the bill perfectly.

1024×1024 2048×2048

I especially love the filmy skirt and the lace and beaded overlay on the bodice of the dress. This dress is cute and sexy but it also has that little touch of class that raises it from the every day! The best thing, though, about this dress is the color. I am a sucker for anything in the purple/lavender family and I completely adore this shade.

My skin is one of my favorites by Laqroki, the Tasha skin in the new Tan skintone. This is the number 4 makeup. It has a touch of lavender and rose shadow around the eyes to tie in with the beautiful dress. I always love the body shading on this skin and I think it looks gorgeous with the dress.

I dug into my jewelry selections, remembering that I had just been to Miriel to participate in the Sim opening and Golden Treasure Hunt. While there I snatched up the Bauble II earrings and Bauble necklace. These jewelry pieces sell at a nearly unbelievable price for different metal options and color change gems. I suggest you run don’t walk to go grab them. I am using the purple gem in these to match my dress and shoes. Miriel also gives you permission options between copy/no transfer and no copy/transfer, something I wish more vendors would do.

To keep things from getting *too* sweet, I put on this beautiful henna tattoo underneath from Canimal. This is from the Henna II set, and is one of my favorite tattoos to wear.

My shoes were a bit of a no brainer as I had received these color change D’Orsay heels as a gift. I have a crush on these shoes with their little chain on the back heel, pointy toes and strappy straps. You get options on silver and gold metals on the chain and can remove it as well. Bling and walk sounds can be turned on and off and it comes with an optional sexy walk built in also which is optional. The color change version is 13 colors in one pair of pumps and to my delight, one of the colors is lavender.

1024×512 2048×1024

To go with the earrings and necklace, I added the Jangle Bangles from Ephemeral Creations. This is the second time I’ve included them with an outfit and I just love them. I’m a fan of those thin little musical bangles irl and these suit that aesthetic perfectly.

I’m also wearing the Slave Bracelets from Earthstones. I’ve featured these also and to be honest, they are almost a staple for me. I’m wearing them in the amethyst version to match my outfit.

Last but not least I’m wearing a simple ponytail from Laqroki in Ash Brown to give this look a little more of a cool summery look. I love the sleek style of this ponytail and the softness of the way it fits around my face.

And there you have it, a soft feminine look that can go from lunch with the girls to a sundown dinner and dancing.

I believe all my poses for this entry are by Long Awkward Pose but for complete pose information you can click my Pose Me! page and for complete lighting/editing disclosure on my pics you can check my What You See Is What You Get page. Remember too that for a bigger and better view you can click the size links beneath each picture to get a better look!

Get The Look:
Shape – Sugarlicious Shapes (opening soon)
Skin – Tasha in Tan Makeup 4 by Laqroki
Tattoo – Henna II by Canimal
Hair – Night in Ash Brown by Laqroki
Dress – Flirty Pearl Sundress in Lavender by Style Starts Here (this store is huge so be patient and take time to wander around 🙂 )
Shoes – D’orsay color change by Stiletto Moody
Necklace and Earrings – Bauble and Bauble II by Miriel
Bracelets – Jangle Bangles by Ephemeral Creations
Other – Slave Bracelets in Amethyst by Earthstones

Just some notes:

1) My previous post was a review of PXL skins which was posted before Mallory Cowen’s announcement of a DMCA against PXL and Hart Larsson. I’m leaving the review in place, mostly for completeness and because I had no way of knowing there was any issue until Ms. Cowen’s announcement was made AFTER my post was made. I am editing the post, however, to state that the skin is questionable and possibly derived from stolen works. This is only my opinion on the situation and as they say, Your Mileage May Vary.

2) This post features Stiletto Moody shoes. I am a fan of Moody shoes and liking or not liking something in Second Life (Tm) or in SL fashion is a matter of personal taste. The way I feel about them is the way I would feel about buying rl Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo or some other well known designer of expensive shoes (supposing that I could!). If you think about it, what really separates a Manolo from an Aigner or a Nine West. That little something extra that may be imperceptible to the eye and can only be discerned by the emotions. I’m not here to debate anybody on prices or on good shoes etc. This is my opinion, again.

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