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Let It Snow

January 15, 2009

Please note: I put this together a while ago (December 4) and then somehow didn’t push post. At any rate, enjoy.

Where I live, it’s cold, the nights are getting down around freezing frequently and we are all expecting snow any day now. As it happens, when I’m cold irl, I tend to want to dress my avatar for the weather.

This outfit is a bit old school, made up of items that are mostly not new but staples that have been in my inventory probably since last winter. I hear so much of deleting or boxing of items in inventory, and I personally mix up old and new items all the time. *clutches inventory*

The first thing I wanted to do last night was slap on a warm sweater and I’ve been leaning towards red a lot, probably cause yay Christmas is coming! I dug out this lovely cowl neck knit from AnnaH. It’s toasty with soft cuffs and collar. Unfortunately I did check the store and it is no longer available in world that I could find. However, you can find it at either On Rez or XStreet whatever the heck it’s called.


It seems we’re all saying it with plaid this year and after poking in my inventory for a bit, I picked out this cute skirt from Surf Couture (aka Sand Shack Surf Co) to wear with the sweater. It’s called the Classic Plaid Skirt and it definitely is that! I love the white, black, and red plaid, it looks warm and snuggly soft.


For something more recent, I pulled on a new favorite. This is the Waka and Yuki, #45 hair. The hat is texture change, and the hair itself is color change. It’s the perfect thing for looking stylish AND keeping your head warm.


Next, I took a page from Sasy Scarborough’s book and added this lovely sash from Persona. It is, of course, the Helena sash which seems to go with positively everything and helps break up so much solid red plus emphasizing the waistline.

The rest, was easy. I am a boot lover from way back and so have quite a selection, but in keeping with the older product theme, I used the pretty and stiletto heeled Diamonds and Pearls boot from Minx. The shine from the ornamentation on the boots picks up the white from the skirt rather than clashing.

Annnd, I think Lucas Lameth has done version 2 of his Chakra necklace and earrings but I’ve had this version for a long time. It seemed a perfect fit with the rest of the outfit. Please note, however, that I had to reattach the cowl neck of the sweater to the spine in order to wear skirt, sweater and necklace.

Last but not least, I’m wearing the newest Redgrave, Vivian. This is the pale skintone, something newish for me. It seemed appropriate given that it’s Winter in my neck of the woods. This is the smoky2 makeup.

Let It Snow! I’m ready πŸ˜€

The background on my pictures was taken at Spellbound Woods from Creative Fantasy and all poses are by Long Awkward Pose.

Shopping Bag


See slurls above.
Skin – Redgrave, Vivian
Hair – Waka & Yuki, #45
Sweater – Annah, Delilah in Carmine
Skirt – Surf Co. Classic Plaid
Jacket layer Belt – Persona, Helena sash in red
Necklace and Earrings – (Luc), Chakra Black
Boots – Minx, Diamonds and Pearls in Black
Eyes and Lashes – Adam n Eve, Garden and Wild respectively.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Tabitha permalink
    January 15, 2009 11:51 pm

    Fabulous, Sugarr. Puts me in mind of cinnamon candied apples. Yummy!

  2. sugarrdelight permalink*
    January 15, 2009 11:58 pm

    Thank you Tabi πŸ™‚

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