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Boom Boom Boom!

January 16, 2009

So, yesterday I was reading some of the entries of blogs on the IHeartSL feed when I caught a great post by Bubbles Komachi over at Closet Divers called “Boom and Digit Darkes Goodness”.

I was familiar with and a big fan of Digit Darkes clothing and other creations and I thought Bubbles’ pictures were wonderful. This was enough to dig deeper and therefore, Bubbles is to blame for this post. 😀

In her post, Bubbles ably shows off the Barely There tops and Getting Low jeans and that’s what I went to *BOOM* to get when my eyes latched onto the short pants version of the jeans. They have a really nice, almost dressy silhouette with that low, low waistline that some of us love. Right away I wanted to put an outfit together with these pants and so I started throwing things on til I got a match I liked.


I was trying on some of my Leezu Baxter Designs sweaters when I hit this blouse instead. I really love the stand up collar and the dressier look to this blouse with the cute peek at the tummy afforded by blouse and pants together. I loved this blue on blue combo with the pants with the red and gold belt -look. I decided all my accessories then should take their cue from the blouse to brighten things up.

As most of you are aware, Le.Look and Zaara both recently opened sims. Zaara was kind enough to give this jewelry set as a gift at the Le.Look opening. (I’m not sure it’s still available or not but it does come in many many more color combinations) I thought the chunky look of the bracelets and necklace, in particular, kept this outfit from going too far towards staidville.




Next I dug out one of my favorite pair of boots, these leather ones from Redgrave, in what else, bright red. I am in love with the smooth finish and nice foot shape on these boots with their dangling laces and wear them frequently. I did think, however, that the patch of skin between boot and pants looked a little out of place and tried on many many different tights and socks. These are the metallic tights from the former Viva La Glam tinted a blue grey to blend in. (I’m afraid the sim is closed right now and I’m not sure if these are available or not either, I’m so sorry.)


Hair and skin decisions took me a little while and I tried on quite a few. I ended up with the Tasha skin from Laqroki. This is the Olive skintone and the #8 makeup. The hair is by Novocaine and is called Tayanna. I’m wearing it in a slightly lighter haircolor than I normally wear called Chestnut. I thought the cute sculpted ponytails helped again to lighten the entire look.

Background pictures were taken at Le.Look and at Abiss Interiors and Prefabs. Poses are by the former Animah – please see the individual stores AnnaH and Persona for them. Please note that for some reason I couldn’t get good lighting on these pics so they have been edited for lighting, as well as the usual cropping etc.

Shopping Bag:
Skin – Laqroki, Tasha, Olive tone, #8 makeup
Hair – Novocaine, Tayanna Chestnut
Boots – Redgrave, Leather Boot in Red
Blouse – Leezu Baxter Designs, Henrietta, Plain Blue
Pants – *Boom*, Gettin’ Low Short Pants, Indigo
Socks – Viva La Glam (VG Republic) Free Metallic Medium Tights tinted blue/grey
Jewelry – {Zaara}, Kaya in Cornelian
Eyes – Adam n Eve, Chestnut
Lashes – Redgrave, Darling
Shape – my own

2 Comments leave one →
  1. January 16, 2009 6:47 pm

    Soo cute Sugar! Good job putting that together and great post. 🙂

  2. sugarrdelight permalink*
    January 16, 2009 6:56 pm

    Yay, thank you Tesa!

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