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Kilted Up and Struttin’

May 15, 2009

Before I begin this post I just want to make a few notes.

1) Thanks to all the many wonderful bloggers out there who are an inspiration to me both as a shopaholic and as a blogger. You people rawk.

2) Thanks to all the many designers who keep on doing your thing and for all your kind gifts this week during blogger appreciation week. I’d have nothin’ to write about without you. 🙂

3) Regarding my photographs, I cannot use the antialiasing setup on cool viewer as mentioned by Ana Lutetia – it just makes my view black. Soooo, if my pictures seem a little wonky that might be why. Other than cropping, fixing semi transparency as mentioned in this tutorial and setting them on backgrounds I do not retouch my blog photos in order that the items may look as close as possible to how they would look in world on your avatar. (Unless I specifically say that the picture has been edited, of course.) I use a lighting preset for all my photos that is adapted from one recommended by Maitreya, Caliah Lyon and others. And, all photos are clickable to larger size versions for greater detail without clogging the feed with giant pictures.

4) Credits for my poses, backgrounds, any brushes, patterns or other photoshop resources used are included near the bottom of every post.

On With The Show!



To read more, see more pics and get all the info, click here.

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  1. Hotlord permalink
    January 28, 2011 10:20 pm

    Don’t publish this. I want to side with you against a common problem in SL. I think something should be done, yet I am unsure if direct contact with you would be wise or not. Also this is clearly opinion yet on a professional level it’s riding the razer’s edge. How shall I proceed? If you can indicate to me you wish to work together against this problem, perhaps post an entry about a look of the day or something similar, as a sign I may proceed further.

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