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Kilted Up and Struttin’ It – Baiastice, FNKY, N-Core, Maitreya and More

Before I begin this post I just want to make a few notes.

1) Thanks to all the many wonderful bloggers out there who are an inspiration to me both as a shopaholic and as a blogger. You people rawk.

2) Thanks to all the many designers who keep on doing your thing and for all your kind gifts this week during blogger appreciation week. I’d have nothin’ to write about without you. 🙂

3) Regarding my photographs, I cannot use the antialiasing setup on cool viewer as mentioned by Ana Lutetia – it just makes my view black. Soooo, if my pictures seem a little wonky that might be why. Other than cropping, fixing semi transparency as mentioned in this tutorial and setting them on backgrounds I do not retouch my blog photos in order that the items may look as close as possible to how they would look in world on your avatar. (Unless I specifically say that the picture has been edited, of course.) I use a lighting preset for all my photos that is adapted from one recommended by Maitreya, Caliah Lyon and others. And, all photos are clickable to larger size versions for greater detail without clogging the feed with giant pictures.

4) Credits for my poses, backgrounds, any brushes, patterns or other photoshop resources used are included near the bottom of every post.

On With The Show!



I began putting this outfit together with this gorgeous new skin from FNKY called Angel. I fell in love with this skin the minute I tried it on and immediately had to snap up the fatpack. I was pleased to discover that the fatpack includes a shape (Though I am wearing my own), pubic hair options on the panty layer, toe and fingernail polishes as well as the 12 makeups in 2 makeup variations and 2 body variations. That’s 48 total possibilities 😀 I’m wearing the pinup version 2 (heavier eyeliner) body 2 (more tummeh definition) in these shots.


Just about the time I was putting this together, I got the notice that Maitreya’s new hairs had been released. Naturally I had to race right over and find them, and purchased this one, called Amber. It fits so nicely around the face with the loose knot and soft strands down the back, it was an instant favorite! I ran right over to get it wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top. I barely put on shoes. The shade is Chocolate from the Browns pack.

Getting back home, I decided I really loved this simple Henley tank from SWA in white and decided to leave it on but dress it up a bit more. (BTW, I don’t know if they still are but these cute tanks were on sale not long ago!)

Rummaging through my truly terrifying inventory (Terrifying to me anyway) I came up with this skirt from Baiastice. This is the scottish red plaid skirt and I love all the details that are like and yet unlike a man’s kilt. The look of taffeta or satin mixed with lace and the little sculpty bag attached to one side of the skirt is just too wonderful and when I bought this I remember going back and picking it up in other colors. This one is the red plaid and it also comes with a pair of black satin leggings which I’m not wearing. It’s 85 degrees F in my neck of the woods, I wanna be cool.


I have a bad habit of wearing accessories that are favorites that I’ve worn over and over but this time I made an effort to step out of my comfort zone and wear some of the lovely things I’ve collected. This necklace is by Ume Mode and it comes in a pack with the double version i’m wearing here, as well as a single version in both long and short lengths. You also get a choice of attachment points of the long and short lengths and the necklace is color change to boot!


On my right arm I’m wearing a gorgeous crystal and metal bracelet by Yabusaka. This bracelet is also color change and the crystals are animated so that they seem to glow. On my left is a bracelet from Earthstones, it’s the chained cuffed bracelet which you get in two versions, the black leather I’m wearing here and also a silver version.

I needed earrings to complete the look and picked out these big gorgeous black pearl and silver earrings from +Plus to wear. They are big and chunky and not a bit shy 😀


Finally I had spotted these killer heels on another blog and pestered the poor blogger until she revealed where they had come from. (The lovely Nadja of German SL Style!) I have been so impressed with these and bought a few other pairs as well as this one. This is a foot in shoe as we are starting to see emerge everywhere but it is a twist on the idea, creating a very fetishy (imho) sort of shoe. These are called the Prelude Xstreme Heel by N-Core. Be advised that you cannot, as far as I know, put in your own red, green, blue values but the shoes are scripted with some 60 skin colors and I was able to find one that matched my skin pretty well. Demos are available at the store so do try them on before buying. I just love the little peep toe and ankle strap 🙂


My poses in this post are all from Long Awkward Pose and I use the VR Foundry professional pose stand and hud system.

I made my background using free patterns from About.Com and free brushes from Qbrushes.

redshoppingbags R E C A P

Skin – Angel from FNKY, Pinup (09B) in Tan
Hair – Amber from Maitreya in Chocolate
Eyes – Fawn from Adam n Eve
Eyelashes – Rendezvous from Redgrave
Shirt – Henley Tank in White from SWA
Skirt – Scottish Red from Baiastice
Necklace – Color Change Double from Ume Mode
Bracelet on Right – 01 Bracelet from Yabusaka
Bracelet on Left – Earthstones Chained Cuff Bracelet – Black Leather/Moonstone
Earrings – Black Pearl/Silver earrings from +Plus
Shoes – Prelude Xstreme Heels from N-Core in Black

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