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Simply Summer – HSC, Redgrave, Curio, Tekeli-li and Lelutka

The temperature today where I live hit 78 degrees and in my upstairs office it felt more like 88 at least. I was building and wanted to feel cool and comfortable and came up with this little outfit to help me do that. (Ever notice if you’re warm in first life you’ll dress your avatar for that weather in second life ™ and so on?)


The outfit started with this lovely skin from Curio – The Vixen in Sundust, Roxy 2 makeup. I didn’t feel like really strong deep makeup and I wanted something that looked as though I’d spent some time outside. I really love this skin, it’s the first one I could really wear from Curio/Gala Phoenix in a while. I do have to say I think the face tends to look a bit sad or moody even despite some tweaking of shape. Perhaps it’s just me, I’ve been pretty blue and moody myself.

Again because of how I felt and wanting to get things done, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time hunting through my inventory for color matches etc, so I opted for this cute and cool pink and white outfit from Haute Style & Co. The outfit also has stockings but again wanting to be comfy rather than dressed up I went with the bare legged look. At first I was also going to wear sandals of some sort with this but then chose my Redgrave boots in white. I rarely get to wear these and I admit it’s a strange choice for an attempt at a cool summer look but I love boots. 😉


My jewelry is one of several sets that I picked up during Tekeli-li’s recent sale. This one is called Scheherazade and includes the lovely headpiece I’m wearing. You have three different beads to change colors in this set plus two metals, it took me a while to settle on something I felt went with the outfit but it was oodles of fun to play 😉 My one quibble with this set is that the headpiece is attached to the nose rather than to the mouth or chin, which means unless the wearer has time and inclination to refit it to a new attachment point, the eyelashes get lost. Generally I will do a refit, but I just felt too impatient today so I’m sporting the eyelash-less look other than the pretty eye makeup on the skin, of course.

My hair is the Heidi hair from Lelutka and I have to say it’s one of my new favorite hairs. The braiding is very realistic and I love all the little whisps around the hairline. The color is Caramel Brown and I think it blends very well with the skintone on this skin.

The poses on today’s post are from Striking Poses and B & F Poseworx.  The background is partly from a pillow top texture from LFox. As always the pictures can be clicked for a larger few and no retouching was done other than organizing the photos in a sensible manner for posting.

I also wanted to share a little trick I found thanks to Sioxie Legend of SWA fame, who plurked to share this youtube tutorial, and it works like magic. No more struggling with green screen edits for moi.  Click here to view.

To Recap

Skin – Curio – Vixen in Sundust, Roxy 2
Hair – Lelutka – Heidi in Caramel Brown
Outfit – Haute Style & Co – Kirsha
Jewelry – Tekeli-li – Scheherazade – color changable by menu 🙂
Shoes – Redgrave – White Leather Boots

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