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What I do on my blog

January 25, 2009

I want to say first of all that I support Sasy’s “Stop The Hate” initiative 110 percent. In my comment to her I did say that I think people have reasons for disliking or being annoyed by certain things, but I don’t feel the need to be malignant about it and having said my piece months ago, I’m not interested in repeating it.

That’s not what this post is about. I found this quote from her post to be especially meaningful and it got me thinking.

Lastly another thing is the difference between reviewing and featuring, I see comments a lot about how bloggers don’t do proper reviews, well thats an assumption on the readers part that the blog is a review blog, mine for one is not now and never will be a review blog,

To begin with, if your blog is featured on the “Fashion Planet” feed in particular, as well as Carissa Crimson’s feed and the Metavirtual fashion feed and some others, then obviously, your blog is intended to have some focus on fashion. However, there’s a great many ways your blog could be about fashion within that broad label.

Maybe you’re a designer showing your items. Maybe you’re a photographer looking for a way to show what you can do and a fashion post will help you do that. Maybe you’re a model or a modeling agency looking for exposure. Maybe you’re a professional stylist or shopping consultant and your blog helps you demonstrate the kind of things you can help a resident do. Or maybe you’re just a regular girl or boy, interested in fashion, and for whatever reason you decide to start blogging.

Even then, maybe you only want to do Looks of the Day. Maybe you only want to respond to Blogger Challenges. Maybe you only do reviews. Maybe you only do features. Maybe, maybe, maybe. (All you’s generic of course)

When I started my blog, I did it strictly at the urging of my two best SL friends. They would say things like, “You have such a flair for putting things together, you should blog.” or “I bet a lot of people would love to see that outfit you have on.” And so on. Each time, they said things like this, I immediately disagreed. I was just a girl in SL enjoying the chance to dress up and use Fashion as the art form I believe it can be. I wasn’t anything special like some of my idols of the Feed, like Sasy Scarborough or Milla Michinaga or Ana Lutetia.

Also, I wasn’t too sure about my picture quality. I’d been interested in Flickr for a while and really marveled at the talent of some of the bright lights there. But, eventually my friends wore me down.

Then I had to think for a while, what would be the focus of my blog. What would I do with it? How would I show what I wanted to show without doing some of the nonos I saw some other bloggers doing. Nonos only to me of course.

To begin with, I knew I didn’t ever want to post a “bad review”. I developed a review policy based on this and a few other things. Most of the items I wear or review or showcase on my blog I bought myself. I couldn’t imagine asking for review items. I was still thinking of myself (As I do now) as just a regular girl showing some things she likes to wear. I figured any designer I asked would wonder who I was and what I thought I was doing.

Since then I have once or twice asked for review copies and done my very best to give an honest and thorough review of items I posted. Like Sasy, I will immediately tell a designer if I see some flaw that will make an item impossible for me to review.

I also spent and still spend time looking at and learning from tutorials, trying to make my pictures better each time. I’ve learned a lot and continue to do so. It’s true, I like to be able to show the results of my labor, but since I make it a habit never to edit my pictures beyond cropping and compiling so that the item looks as it does in world, most of my “better” pictures are only on flickr though occasionally I slide one through that I’m proud of.

The thing is, unless the title of my post says “Review” then my post is not a review per se and I don’t even consider it one. Yes, I take a page from other blogger’s books and talk a bit about the items, including mentioning reattachments or tinting or any problems I might have had. That’s again called honesty. If a blogger is not honest, what’s the point? Also, I want to tell the reader why i like these items and why i think they look good together, if they are interested in knowing. It’s perfectly okay if they just skip to the shopping bag at the end, whatever the reader does is fine with me.

I suppose you could say my blog is mostly looks of the day or Hey look at this outfit i put together today. So, if you’re expecting a particular thing from my blog, don’t. I consider my blog to be very personal. I show you, the SL World, (or at least the fashion interested part of it) what I like. I don’t expect you to agree, necessarily, and I’m fine with you scrolling past me if you don’t. But, since it’s my personal taste and my personal ideas, yup, it’s personal and therefore it can’t really be put into any particular “box” for what’s going to be on here.

Just for fun, here’s a picture I did and tried out some editing techniques on.

I’m wearing skin by Redgrave, hair by Truth, tattoo by Nardcotix, skirt by Stellar Designs, Top and jewelry by Zaara and nails by Candy Nail. Please note this is an “EDITED” photo so this may not look exactly the same in world. I’ll add slurls later when this god awful headache passes.

You can find my flickr pics from the widget on the lower right of this post.


Boom Boom Boom!

January 16, 2009

So, yesterday I was reading some of the entries of blogs on the IHeartSL feed when I caught a great post by Bubbles Komachi over at Closet Divers called “Boom and Digit Darkes Goodness”.

I was familiar with and a big fan of Digit Darkes clothing and other creations and I thought Bubbles’ pictures were wonderful. This was enough to dig deeper and therefore, Bubbles is to blame for this post. πŸ˜€

In her post, Bubbles ably shows off the Barely There tops and Getting Low jeans and that’s what I went to *BOOM* to get when my eyes latched onto the short pants version of the jeans. They have a really nice, almost dressy silhouette with that low, low waistline that some of us love. Right away I wanted to put an outfit together with these pants and so I started throwing things on til I got a match I liked.


I was trying on some of my Leezu Baxter Designs sweaters when I hit this blouse instead. I really love the stand up collar and the dressier look to this blouse with the cute peek at the tummy afforded by blouse and pants together. I loved this blue on blue combo with the pants with the red and gold belt -look. I decided all my accessories then should take their cue from the blouse to brighten things up.

As most of you are aware, Le.Look and Zaara both recently opened sims. Zaara was kind enough to give this jewelry set as a gift at the Le.Look opening. (I’m not sure it’s still available or not but it does come in many many more color combinations) I thought the chunky look of the bracelets and necklace, in particular, kept this outfit from going too far towards staidville.




Next I dug out one of my favorite pair of boots, these leather ones from Redgrave, in what else, bright red. I am in love with the smooth finish and nice foot shape on these boots with their dangling laces and wear them frequently. I did think, however, that the patch of skin between boot and pants looked a little out of place and tried on many many different tights and socks. These are the metallic tights from the former Viva La Glam tinted a blue grey to blend in. (I’m afraid the sim is closed right now and I’m not sure if these are available or not either, I’m so sorry.)


Hair and skin decisions took me a little while and I tried on quite a few. I ended up with the Tasha skin from Laqroki. This is the Olive skintone and the #8 makeup. The hair is by Novocaine and is called Tayanna. I’m wearing it in a slightly lighter haircolor than I normally wear called Chestnut. I thought the cute sculpted ponytails helped again to lighten the entire look.

Background pictures were taken at Le.Look and at Abiss Interiors and Prefabs. Poses are by the former Animah – please see the individual stores AnnaH and Persona for them. Please note that for some reason I couldn’t get good lighting on these pics so they have been edited for lighting, as well as the usual cropping etc.

Shopping Bag:
Skin – Laqroki, Tasha, Olive tone, #8 makeup
Hair – Novocaine, Tayanna Chestnut
Boots – Redgrave, Leather Boot in Red
Blouse – Leezu Baxter Designs, Henrietta, Plain Blue
Pants – *Boom*, Gettin’ Low Short Pants, Indigo
Socks – Viva La Glam (VG Republic) Free Metallic Medium Tights tinted blue/grey
Jewelry – {Zaara}, Kaya in Cornelian
Eyes – Adam n Eve, Chestnut
Lashes – Redgrave, Darling
Shape – my own

Let It Snow

January 15, 2009

Please note: I put this together a while ago (December 4) and then somehow didn’t push post. At any rate, enjoy.

Where I live, it’s cold, the nights are getting down around freezing frequently and we are all expecting snow any day now. As it happens, when I’m cold irl, I tend to want to dress my avatar for the weather.

This outfit is a bit old school, made up of items that are mostly not new but staples that have been in my inventory probably since last winter. I hear so much of deleting or boxing of items in inventory, and I personally mix up old and new items all the time. *clutches inventory*

The first thing I wanted to do last night was slap on a warm sweater and I’ve been leaning towards red a lot, probably cause yay Christmas is coming! I dug out this lovely cowl neck knit from AnnaH. It’s toasty with soft cuffs and collar. Unfortunately I did check the store and it is no longer available in world that I could find. However, you can find it at either On Rez or XStreet whatever the heck it’s called.


It seems we’re all saying it with plaid this year and after poking in my inventory for a bit, I picked out this cute skirt from Surf Couture (aka Sand Shack Surf Co) to wear with the sweater. It’s called the Classic Plaid Skirt and it definitely is that! I love the white, black, and red plaid, it looks warm and snuggly soft.


For something more recent, I pulled on a new favorite. This is the Waka and Yuki, #45 hair. The hat is texture change, and the hair itself is color change. It’s the perfect thing for looking stylish AND keeping your head warm.


Next, I took a page from Sasy Scarborough’s book and added this lovely sash from Persona. It is, of course, the Helena sash which seems to go with positively everything and helps break up so much solid red plus emphasizing the waistline.

The rest, was easy. I am a boot lover from way back and so have quite a selection, but in keeping with the older product theme, I used the pretty and stiletto heeled Diamonds and Pearls boot from Minx. The shine from the ornamentation on the boots picks up the white from the skirt rather than clashing.

Annnd, I think Lucas Lameth has done version 2 of his Chakra necklace and earrings but I’ve had this version for a long time. It seemed a perfect fit with the rest of the outfit. Please note, however, that I had to reattach the cowl neck of the sweater to the spine in order to wear skirt, sweater and necklace.

Last but not least, I’m wearing the newest Redgrave, Vivian. This is the pale skintone, something newish for me. It seemed appropriate given that it’s Winter in my neck of the woods. This is the smoky2 makeup.

Let It Snow! I’m ready πŸ˜€

The background on my pictures was taken at Spellbound Woods from Creative Fantasy and all poses are by Long Awkward Pose.

Shopping Bag


See slurls above.
Skin – Redgrave, Vivian
Hair – Waka & Yuki, #45
Sweater – Annah, Delilah in Carmine
Skirt – Surf Co. Classic Plaid
Jacket layer Belt – Persona, Helena sash in red
Necklace and Earrings – (Luc), Chakra Black
Boots – Minx, Diamonds and Pearls in Black
Eyes and Lashes – Adam n Eve, Garden and Wild respectively.

Back in the Saddle

December 4, 2008

I’ve been away for a while, wrestling RL into some kind of order. (Depression sucks eggs, btw) I’m ready to start blogging again so this is my announcement of same.

These pictures were taken not for blogging but for my own amusement but I thought I’d share them anyway as part of this announcement.

I will sign in shortly and edit this with proper slurls and information. Please don’t get cranky if my post jumps when I do.




Shopping Bag

Skin – Redgrave, Leticia 2 I believe this is the glamsmoky makeup

Shape – Sugarrlicious Shapes, coming soon, I hope.

Hair – ::69::, Brit in Faded Brown

Eyes – Adam n Eve, I think these are the Garden eyes but i wouldn’t swear to it. Correction These are the Almond eyes and I am also wearing the Wild lashes from A n E.

Top – I’ll have to check, I *think* this is Moonshine Clothing but I’m not sure. Correction: This is by Apple May it is the tunic from the Delilah outfit in Brown.

Pants – Zaara, her embellished jeans in Moss

Shoes – Stiletto Moody, Pinups with Bows, in Green

Jewelry – Earthstones, I’ll have to check the name of the set. Update Stone Donuts Earrings, Necklace and Bracelet in Malachite with the Brown Cords (it comes with black and brown versions)

PS: I took these pics in a Christmas Holiday Cabin I built and which I will soon have for sale at On Rez and whatever the new name of Slexchange is. It includes two couple poses, four comfortable sits, fireplace, christmas tree, window seat etc., and will fit on a 1024 plot with both yard and prims to spare.

PPS, I am taking up the challenge issued by Mr Winter Jefferson on his own blog In Cold Blood. Rosebud!

Notices and Opinions

September 13, 2008

Because it has been so long, I want to give notice that the reviews which I had earlier planned to do are still upcoming. I caught the “Death by Flu” which has been going around and was sick for a very long time, and still don’t feel entirely 100%. (Whimsy Winx of Virtually Dressed claims I had Ebola, I was sick for so long, lol) I am working on the first new post and will have that up as soon as I possibly can get them together. Apologies and gratitude go out to the designers who have given me review copies and been so patient with waiting for the articles to be posted.


The subtitle or tagline for this blog is

    A Girl, A Second Life(TM), And Way Too Many Opinions

To my friends, I am known as a straight shooter. I don’t hold back, I don’t prevaricate, I tell it how I see it. I am not malicious and I have no axe to grind. The following is my true and honest OPINION about some trends I am seeing on the Fashion Planet feed. We all have opinions and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me 100 percent or at all. Please feel free to scroll past if you so desire. Please keep in mind that despite my tone of irritation, this is only my opinion and nothing more.
People are free to comment (I tried to turn the moderation thingie off but may not have managed it) but abusive comments will be dealt with as I see fit.

I have noticed over the last weeks and months a sharp upgrade in two kinds of posts which have very little to do with SL fashion and everything to do with ego and attitude, as far as I am concerned. It is my opinion that we’d all be better off without either sort.

The first kind of post usually comes from Designers and though I have respect and admiration for you all, I have to tell you that posting like this just makes me want to take the considerable amount of real life money I spend in SL(Tm) every month somewhere else. That kind of post is the sort where you are fretting, fussing and fuming about your spot or rank on the Fashion Planet feed. I don’t really care why you feel it is necessary to post about this or who you are angry with when you do. To me as a reader, blogger and buyer, it makes you look petty, childish and prone to drama.

I have seen these kinds of posts make some very nice people very upset over things they cannot control. The feed updates and refreshes according to rules which we the bloggers who appear on the feed have nothing to do with whatsoever. None of us can control them. In fact, we can’t even get a cut on our own journals to work on Fashion Planet. If you have asked to be added to this Feed then you have to accept the limitations of the Feed as the price of admission, so to speak, and in my opinion, you need to get over it.

What we do know is,

1) If you update your journal, such as to fix an slurl or other factual error, most likely the date of posting will refresh placing your entry back at the top of the feed.

2) If you answer a comment, it is possible that your entry will refresh back to the top of the feed.

3) If you breathe funny, it is possible that your entry will refresh back to the top of the feed.

Okay, that last one is facetious but it underlines a point. Worrying and gnashing your teeth because so and so’s post ended up back at the top of the feed is a waste of your time, in my opinion. Posting about it in public not only is a waste of your time – and that of readers who want to look at the fashion not a lot of wanky* behavior -, but it also makes you look bad. (Again, in my opinion.)

It is my firm opinion that no blogger should tell another blogger what to blog. However, if you choose to blog about pettiness like this and happen to also be a Designer who posts the exact same thing in two or three different places, who also may post uber large size pictures and/or every single color of new releases available when you do post and therefore hog the feed in other ways, then it is my choice as a consumer and reader to take my lindens somewhere else. All of your efforts to get your items noticed will be wasted, in my view, at least.

The second type of post that I am heartily sick of and bored with is the type where a Blogger tries to tell the rest of the fashion blogging community what content to blog. Kindly get over yourself, blogger. You may very well be an extremely popular blogger and that’s wonderful. I may even be a fan of your blog myself.

However, you have no right whatsoever to lecture the rest of your fellow bloggers on what they are choosing to blog. The fact that you are doing so is, in my opinion, both pretentious and absurd, and makes me as a reader and fellow blogger have less appreciation for your talents as a stylist, coordinator, or whatever you call what you are doing when you blog. I am far more likely to scroll past your next post and those succeeding out of pure irritation.

Not everyone has the same skill level in terms of picture taking, posting or writing. That doesn’t mean that each blogger doesn’t have something unique to bring to the table, and that each blogger can’t contribute something. To paraphrase a famous quotation, let each give unto their own talents. And other people should bloody well keep their noses out of it, in terms of telling other people what to blog.

If you as a blogger and reader don’t like the content of a blog post (including this one!) then you have the option to scroll on down just like everyone else. Please spare the rest of us your “advice” unless it is solicited and please don’t buy into the notion that you are some exalted personage from on high simply because you run a popular blog. You put your rl pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us, mkay?

Finally, I am seeing a trend on the Fashion Planet feed that is so inconsiderate, rude, and egotistical in my opinion that it makes me near speechless with aggravation. I am aware there is a lot of room on the feed which is habitually blank. This is because, I surmise, the feed is an aggregator, after all, and not a regular blog.

Those of you on the feed who are now making a habit of posting your images at sizes upward of 800×600 are not winning any friends or influencing any people whatsoever, in my opinion. I, and most of my large circle of friends whom I have polled for thoughts on this behavior are simply scrolling past this metaphorical “Who has the bigger unmentionables?” while rolling our eyes and wondering just why you feel it is necessary to throw this huge picture in a reader’s face.

If you really want to make a good impression, please consider posting your pictures at a more reasonable size with a click through to your ultra large size. Because I am aware different readers have different size views, I like to even indicate what size a picture is with the link so that a reader can make a choice that is comfortable for them. There are any number of ways of handling this which doesn’t overwhelm readers with a smaller screen size or stretch the browser window to a ridiculous extent. If I, as a reader, have to browse sideways to see your picture, I am not going to bother.

*For a definition of wanky please check webster’s or wikipedia.

Summer Sherbert (and a Hello to Fashion Planet)

August 20, 2008

Hello there Fashion Planet! I’m thrilled to be added πŸ™‚ You can read a little about me on my Hi, I’m Sugarr page. I also have pages on what poses I use and how I take/post my photos and so on. Take a look when you have a minute.

Now, on with the show.

I know kids are back in school and summer is winding down but where I’m from it’s still hot hot hot and I was looking for something cool and bright to wear one afternoon.

1024×1024 2048×2048

I wanted a golden tan and a shimmery summer look so I started with the M&R Cupcakes Birthday Suit skin in Bronze, the Rainbow makeup. This was a former group gift and I really love the eyeshadow which picks up some of the colors in the skirt. There’s a real flushed inner glow on this skin that makes you think of sundown cocktails, and exotic vacations. At least it makes me think of that! Right now these skins are also on sale.

To keep things cool I went with the Writer hair style from Detour in Java. There’s something very stylish yet carefree about this hair and I wore it for two days after I bought it. I took only a little modding to get this to fit the way I wanted it.

As much as standing around in my Birthday Suit might be cool and comfortable, it’s not really what I was going for! So I added the Summer Safari Halter in Khaki from CKS Designs. The shape of this halter is so cute and it looks soft and nice to have against your skin, especially if you got a little too much sun! It has the cutest little prim bows in the back so you look good walking away too.

Next came this gorgeous striped skirt to really pop the look. The mouth-watering pinks and peaches and subtle golds in this skirt are so pretty and rich! This skirt was part of the Lover’s Summer outfit in Sherbert from LVS&Co. I’m sorry to say that this was a dollarbie outfit for one of their Summer events and as far as I could tell from a visit to the store, it’s no longer available. I know there are similar skirts on the grid though so I decided to go ahead and show it. Please note that although I am wearing a belt, this skirt does have a very nice texture belt on the pants layer already. I ended up doing a bit of prim by prim adjustment on this but that’s basically cause I have a bit more junk in the trunk than seems to be the average. πŸ˜‰

1024×683 3072×2048

I discovered Ume Mode from the other day and this Gold Neck and Pierce set with its beaten gold look and oversized shape was just perfect to accent the warm, gold, vacationny sort of ensemble I was going for. I had to do minimal adjustment to make this look as I wanted it to and it really adds some glitter and glow.

I also finally paid a visit to Dark Mouse whose jewelry I kept seeing on the feed here and I bought a few different sets. But this belt actually came in a gift box there at the store. It comes in several different colors and is modifiable. I chose the brown to match the texture belt on the skirt and modded it slightly to fit a little better on my waist and on the skirt. I felt it made a nice psuedo match with the necklace and earrings without being exact. It’s the sort of thing one might find on a crawl through the tourist shops.

I wanted to pick up a bit more gold so on my right wrist I’m wearing a bracelet from Armidi in a Bronzy Snakeskin and on my left I’m wearing one of my favorite pieces. It’s the Striped Color change bangle from VG Republic which as you see is accented in more gold. You have several scripted color choices with this bracelet but I’m using the tan.

Last but not least, my shoes are still some of my favorite sandals. These Grace Heels in Brown are the ones I reach for over and over when I want a look of casual breezy elegance. Love them.

Notes: I took these shots in the studio as always and the backgrounds separately at Emvee Cuba. I thought it was beautiful there. The poses in this post I think are mostly by Torridwear with some others I’ve picked up here and there on the grid thrown in. To see my complete pose listings go to my Pose Me! page.

Get The Look:

Shape – Sugarrlicious Shapes (Coming Soon)
Skin – Birthday Suit in Bronze/Rainbow Makeup by M&R Cupcakes
Hair – Writer in Java by Detour
Top – Summer Safari Halter in Khaki by CKS Designs
Skirt – Lover’s Summer Outfit Skirt in Sherbert by LVS&Co. (no longer available)
Belt – DM Flower Belt in Brown by Dark Mouse/Whimsical Creations
Necklace and Earrings – Gold Neck and Pierce by Ume Mode
Bracelet – Right – Snakeskin Bangle in Bronze by Armidi Gisaci, Left – Stripe Bangle with Color Change by VG Republic
Shoes – Grace Heels in Brown by Maitreya
Nails – Orange mani/pedi on glove and sock layers from the Cute Color Set by Petit Ange
Eyes – Almond by Adam n Eve
Lashes – Wild Brush by Aphrodite’s Creations

Lavender Lace (and a few notices)

August 16, 2008

Style Starts Here recently ran a 12 hour Everything is 50L sale. The place was packed! I picked up a few adorable items including this cute lavender dress. It’s my habit to try to wear at least something from every shopping excursion as soon as I get it and this filled the bill perfectly.

1024×1024 2048×2048

I especially love the filmy skirt and the lace and beaded overlay on the bodice of the dress. This dress is cute and sexy but it also has that little touch of class that raises it from the every day! The best thing, though, about this dress is the color. I am a sucker for anything in the purple/lavender family and I completely adore this shade.

My skin is one of my favorites by Laqroki, the Tasha skin in the new Tan skintone. This is the number 4 makeup. It has a touch of lavender and rose shadow around the eyes to tie in with the beautiful dress. I always love the body shading on this skin and I think it looks gorgeous with the dress.

I dug into my jewelry selections, remembering that I had just been to Miriel to participate in the Sim opening and Golden Treasure Hunt. While there I snatched up the Bauble II earrings and Bauble necklace. These jewelry pieces sell at a nearly unbelievable price for different metal options and color change gems. I suggest you run don’t walk to go grab them. I am using the purple gem in these to match my dress and shoes. Miriel also gives you permission options between copy/no transfer and no copy/transfer, something I wish more vendors would do.

To keep things from getting *too* sweet, I put on this beautiful henna tattoo underneath from Canimal. This is from the Henna II set, and is one of my favorite tattoos to wear.

My shoes were a bit of a no brainer as I had received these color change D’Orsay heels as a gift. I have a crush on these shoes with their little chain on the back heel, pointy toes and strappy straps. You get options on silver and gold metals on the chain and can remove it as well. Bling and walk sounds can be turned on and off and it comes with an optional sexy walk built in also which is optional. The color change version is 13 colors in one pair of pumps and to my delight, one of the colors is lavender.

1024×512 2048×1024

To go with the earrings and necklace, I added the Jangle Bangles from Ephemeral Creations. This is the second time I’ve included them with an outfit and I just love them. I’m a fan of those thin little musical bangles irl and these suit that aesthetic perfectly.

I’m also wearing the Slave Bracelets from Earthstones. I’ve featured these also and to be honest, they are almost a staple for me. I’m wearing them in the amethyst version to match my outfit.

Last but not least I’m wearing a simple ponytail from Laqroki in Ash Brown to give this look a little more of a cool summery look. I love the sleek style of this ponytail and the softness of the way it fits around my face.

And there you have it, a soft feminine look that can go from lunch with the girls to a sundown dinner and dancing.

I believe all my poses for this entry are by Long Awkward Pose but for complete pose information you can click my Pose Me! page and for complete lighting/editing disclosure on my pics you can check my What You See Is What You Get page. Remember too that for a bigger and better view you can click the size links beneath each picture to get a better look!

Get The Look:
Shape – Sugarlicious Shapes (opening soon)
Skin – Tasha in Tan Makeup 4 by Laqroki
Tattoo – Henna II by Canimal
Hair – Night in Ash Brown by Laqroki
Dress – Flirty Pearl Sundress in Lavender by Style Starts Here (this store is huge so be patient and take time to wander around πŸ™‚ )
Shoes – D’orsay color change by Stiletto Moody
Necklace and Earrings – Bauble and Bauble II by Miriel
Bracelets – Jangle Bangles by Ephemeral Creations
Other – Slave Bracelets in Amethyst by Earthstones

Just some notes:

1) My previous post was a review of PXL skins which was posted before Mallory Cowen’s announcement of a DMCA against PXL and Hart Larsson. I’m leaving the review in place, mostly for completeness and because I had no way of knowing there was any issue until Ms. Cowen’s announcement was made AFTER my post was made. I am editing the post, however, to state that the skin is questionable and possibly derived from stolen works. This is only my opinion on the situation and as they say, Your Mileage May Vary.

2) This post features Stiletto Moody shoes. I am a fan of Moody shoes and liking or not liking something in Second Life (Tm) or in SL fashion is a matter of personal taste. The way I feel about them is the way I would feel about buying rl Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo or some other well known designer of expensive shoes (supposing that I could!). If you think about it, what really separates a Manolo from an Aigner or a Nine West. That little something extra that may be imperceptible to the eye and can only be discerned by the emotions. I’m not here to debate anybody on prices or on good shoes etc. This is my opinion, again.