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Ring the Alarm – Pixel Fashion, Shop Seu, Kraftika, Moody, Bax etc.

Ring the alarm
’cause you ain’t never seen a fire
like the one I’ma cause – Beyonce

I caught a post on the shoe addicts bible “On Your Toes” blog about cute shoes and FREE shoes at a place called Pixel Fashion. (Read Anessa Stine’s post here.)

I’ve only been to Pixel Fashion once or twice before but I headed on over to check out the shoes and stayed to check out the fashion. This post includes three outfits I bought all in one go.  All three are sexy, sassy and appropriate for clubbing, partying and generally strutting your stuff.

ringthealarmgoldcoverblogTixy dress in beige.

I used almost the same hair, jewelry and shoes throughout with a few changes which are documented farther along 😀

ringthealarmredopenblog Anny pants, Ellea top both red


Russ dress, black

Moving back up to the top of the page, the Tixy dress was the one that first caught my eye. I love feathers and fringe and I just had to have it. It fits and sways very nicely with a sort of crochet look base layered in soft feathers. The mesh layers without the feathers look a bit like a bodysuit which i also appreciated but I did find that I got a little smearing on the inner thigh and that the hem edge of the shorts texture seemed a little dark. These quibbles are not deal breakers though, especially when I consider the *very* reasonable price on this dress which you will have to go check for yourself.


I’m wearing the Shop Seu hair, Pompadour in blonde with this dress along with Kraftika earrings number 117 in gold and thumbprint sugar and jam bracelets from Fresh Baked Goods.

I discovered Kraftika on the advice of a friend and I suggest you hurry down and take a look. The selection is small but very appealing.

I’ve always enjoyed Fresh Baked Goods’ color changing goodies and these bracelets are no exception. The Sugar Thumbprint cuff has a random selection script so you keep clicking til you find a combo you like. The Jam Gem Thumbprint cuff allows you to choose from several gem choices to match any outfit.

I’d wanted this hair for quite some time and finally got it. I love the illusion of a hairline that has been cleverly created and found that it worked fairly well with a variety of poses.


Next up is a cute and sassy two piece outfit comprised of red satin pants (the Anny pant) and a crochet and chiffon top. (the Ellea top). I fell in love with this top on one of the models at the store and swiftly snatched up the two pieces to put on then and there. I was a teeny bit disappointed to find that these pants don’t have prim cuffs but with the Stiletto Moody Ingrid foot in shoe system worn with them, it worked out fine. I liked it so much that I had shot all the pictures before realizing that my metals did not match the metals on the outfit. *facepalm*


I’m wearing all the same items as in the Tixy outfit, just color changed appropriately. I really loved the crochet texture on the top and the pocket texturing on the pants, a very nice job over all and very wearable.

Finally I spotted this red hot and fetishy number and grabbed it. In general I’m not a latex and vinyl girl but I really liked this one for some reason. You actually get a transparent version of this dress in the folder but I’m not that brave.


As you can see, this little Russ dress gets them coming and going as it were with it’s daring derriere baring cut and equally sensuous cut out bodice. The arm belts are part of the outfit and are thoughtfully provided in more than one size to ensure an easy fit. I had a little trouble with the skirt prim as can be the case with these little minis and ended up moving it to fit appropriately for the various poses but this is common to this sort of dress and not a reflection on the designer. I thought the texturing was very good, almost squeaky-touchable.


I changed to my black suede Bax boots (though the designer does sell a matching pair of sexy thigh high boots which I didn’t buy), an onyx and diamond bracelet from Elexor Matador and Kraftika No 121 earrings in black with this outfit.

I’m wearing the Curio Sunny skin in skintone Sundust, Umbra 1 makeup and felt that it worked well with all three outfits. I love the cheek dimples on this one!

I believe most of the poses used are from Boudoir Rouge with a few from Torridwear as well.

I built the backdrop that you glimpse in these pics, inspired by a friend’s birthday party theme. The pics are framed using a free pattern I found and tape brushes found here

As always pics are clickable and look much better large. They are not edited other than cropping and artistic framing.

To recap:

Outfit 1)

Dress – Tixy in beige by Pixel Fashion
Hair – Shop Seu pompadour in blonde
Skin – Curio, Sunny in sundust, Umbra 1
Earrings – Kraftika, no 117 in gold
Bracelets – Jam Thumbprint Cookie Cuff and Sugar Thumbprint Cookie Cuff both by Fresh Baked Goods
Shoes – Stiletto Moody, Ingrid color change set, set to gold

Outfit 2)
Top – Ellea in red by Pixel Fashion
Pants – Anny pant in red by Pixel Fashion
everything else the same, color changed to red.

Outfit 3)

Dress – Russ dress in black by Pixel Fashion
Earrings – Kraftika, no 121 in black
Bracelet – Onyx and Diamond bracelet by Elexor Matador (all EMJ items are sold on xstreet now, link takes you to item listing.)
Boots – Black Suede by Bax
all other items the same as outfit 1

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  1. October 27, 2010 5:29 pm

    everyone would love to have a diamond bracelet but they are a hell lot expensive”,

  2. November 13, 2010 3:12 pm

    i gave my girlfriend a diamond bracelt and she was quite pleased with it :.;


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