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Slinky ;)

July 20, 2008

When I spotted these Storm Schmooz boots on the Fashion Planet feed my heart just went pitter pat. Called simply the Over Knee boot, these babies just breathe sexy leathery love. I’ve loved other Storm Schmooz creations but I honestly think these just take the cake. The look of the textures is so touchable and delicious looking, I had to rush right over to his new store to grab a pair. What else was a girl to do but to immediately slip them on and put together an outfit to do justice to them?!

Serendipitously, as I’m sure most of you reading this are already aware, the Lingerie and Swimwear Fair has been going on all this past week. My guy and I made a trip over to stroll the stores and collect up a very large pile of sexy unmentionables and skimpy bikinis. Indyra has long been one of my favorite stores for those times when you just want to look slinky and irresistible and this Intrigue Remastered set caught my eye immediately. I’m wearing the more modest version here with the bra underneath the sheer top. You don’t have to wear the little bikinis under the skirt since it comes with glitch pants but I left them on anyway. This set doesn’t come with stockings, I’m wearing the ones that come from another Indyra set but I thought the peek of the stocking added a little something extra. I had a little bit of trouble editing the prims on the skirt for my shape and ended up doing some prim by prim editing to get it to fit the way I wanted it to but the skirt is modifiable so that didn’t deter me at all. I really love the look of this set!

As luck would have it, I had been trying on something else just before my rush to grab those boots, and I ended up leaving the hair I’d been wearing on. This is the Divine hair from Laqroki (am I the only one who still wants to call them RAC?) and I love this sort of elegant but not too studied kind of updo. I had to edit it for my oversize head but that was not difficult and away I went.

Another item in this post I had to run breathlessly to buy are the Slave Bracelets I’m wearing. I’ve done my best to give you a good view of how beautiful and stunning these babies really are, because I find them amazing. The really look amazingly real, very similar to rl versions I have seen. They come in lots and lots of different stone/color options and I was lucky enough to receive the fatpack as a gift from the aforementioned bf. *g* I’ve worn them in various colors nearly continuously since I got them and there is a demo available to try to test the fit. I’ve had no trouble at all with them and absolutely adore them!

You can’t go to a jewelry store (At least I can’t) and buy only one item. It just is not possible. While at Earthstones, I also picked up these belly bead sets. Very dainty little belly rings with dangling beads. They come in sets of 3 related stone/colors for a very tiny price. I seem to have missed getting a super good picture of them, but please do take a look! I’m also wearing the elegant pearl earrings from the same store. I adore pearls and those earrings said to me, “you must buy me!”. As it happens, that was a gift too 🙂

To round off the look, I slipped on this Double Diamond choker from Digital Dragon. I shop regularly at this mega store and I especially love their jewelry offerings. I thought the neckline definitely needed something and the slimline look and simple bezel set diamonds didn’t clash with the rest of my jewelry and ensemble and added that little sparkle and glitter I wanted.This does come with bling but can be turned off with a simple bling off command.

I then added these gorgeous bangle (Jangle Bangle) bracelets from Ephemeral Creations. The stack of bangles is so popular right now and was just what i needed. These come in mismatched sets, meaning you can wear one stack bigger or smaller than the other, just as if you’d slipped them on until you got that lovely jingle sound when you move. Note: I had a little trouble with sl wanting to be a pain and doing that thing where they fit fine when you are up close but when you cam out, all of a sudden they don’t. I adjusted all my settings and it still was doing it but the bangles were adjusted fine and any weirdness you see in my pics is strictly sl being sl and not the fault of the bangles!

As you might imagine, I pranced around in this outfit for hours. Slinky is good for you!

Get The Look!

Skin – Tasha 11 in Tan by Laqroki
Hair – Divine in darkbrown by Laqroki
Nails – Dark Dream Rouge by :Bijou:
Outfit – Intrigue Remastered by Indyra
Boots – Over Knee Boots by Storm Schmooz
Bracelets – Jangle Bangle bracelets by Ephemeral Creations
Choker – Double Diamond by Digital Dragon
Earrings – Elegance Black Pearl by Earthstones
Belly Ring – Belly Bead Tahitian Black Pearl by Earthstones
Extra – Slave Bracelets in Onyx by Earthstones
Eyes – Almond by Adam n Eve
Lashes – Wild by Adam n Eve
Poses – I use poses from Long Awkward Pose, Imperial Elegance, AnimaH (now Annah and Persona), Grapevine Behavior Body. Some may end up on the cutting room floor, however.

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  1. Whispers Magic permalink
    July 24, 2008 6:16 am

    Ohhh thank you for all sorts of new stores to explore! Awesome job on the blogs sweetie! I will stay tuned for more! :))

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